Human Error

by Duncecap

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released April 1, 2016

All production, scratches and theremin by Samurai Banana
All songs written by Duncecap (except for features)
Recorded and Mixed by Nasa @ Nasa Labs
Mastered by Daniel Zavaro at Zavaro Studios



all rights reserved


Duncecap New York, New York

Duncecap raps about thinking too much and then weird stuff.

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Track Name: Bandaids
my bandaid's not sticking, i'm lickin the wound
mixing a glue, two paces from grabbing the knife back and i'll finish the dude
do list to, problematic, attic, basement, monsoon
flood, dunce cap stuck on you
tryna think if spitting makes me a hero
recall the definition, missing, it's just me though (DUNCE!)
say it like you love me, i don't love me, used to loath me
told me many times with rhymes, i'm human and i'm lonely
so pick a scab or tear it off, the awful sound, the
grimace, at least i meant it in a way that cools my brow
it's how the kiddy pool, sand bar, or shallow end
ends endings at their entrance and the arrow in
so i don't forget to get a gift for my guests
i'll give you a ticket to the gun show, but it's -

aimed at my head, aimed at my head
the bandaid won't work today so imma lay in my bed
lay in my bed, lay in my bed
i can't fall asleep so i believe in my dread
...... believe in my dread.

no pain, kiss the wound while it's weeping
love is that placebo, such a hero for a cheap thing
teething head, what an apathetic caring friend
try to callus every end, file down, use the Ped
feel that [shit]? i think that's emotion
and if you clog up it's pores it won't feel so important
open up, i mean, close it up
i know it's worth while, cause i wrote it and i chose the stuff
clip my nails, let the Metal Bite em, ash tray
phoenix food, dumpster diver, ass play
and midst all that i shed some new red
i guess its tickets to the gun show, but it's aimed at my head
Track Name: Mad Hard (feat. Googie)
my dick is mad hard
my life is mad hard
the only thing harder than my life is my dick
the only thing harder than my dick is my life
the only thing harder than my dick is my life

standing on the moon and i didn't even put the flag up
its mad tough, tryna fap and nap in a hammock
a whole new meaning to sway in the morning
lives less hard when the sites get boring
I'm washing my chest kill the family reunion
shoot em down the drain, pain's gone (what you doing now)
i'm sick of being a couch potato, saturated french fry
burn a bridge or two so i can watch a couple friends die
why'd i say i had it rough? i'm suck a fucking asshole
trashy person, lacking love, trapped inside a bad role [delay]
in line for the creeper race
every shade of crazy is a person that could speak for days
or keep quiet, not tryna be seen (seen)
texting my girlfriend, not trying to be seen (seen)
calls from my mom, not tryina be seen (seen)
you sound like Oedipus, not tryna be mean
Track Name: 'TOID UP (feat. Googie & Lt Headtrip)

oh god, i think i fucking hurt myself
rally up, medics, ice that shit 'fore it melts
'fore it swells, split a spliff the hit'll help
a different spell, splint clinchin bones hurts like hell
bell peppers, snow peas, goat cheese,and garlic
cloud o' toxins, walked in, got dizzy off it
ran inna wall, fell hard, in my own vomit
saw in claymation for seconds like i's wallace or gromit
shouldNA nommed the souvlaki with the poki sticks
passed on coffee and the teriyaki broccoli dish
all i did was make myself sick
but at least i got a story nd'made my tastebuds cum quick
i commit or i don't at all
own the effect like hooked hand pirates that lost paws
i hibernate with my tummy full of blunders
and take the dragons mouth over suffering the hunger


chew the fat or make soap to wash your mouth out
it's good for something, save your soul and go the bad route
- that intolerance to pain'll make you bow down
- to something to you ain't proud of, oh you sad now
bad breathe (toid up), that pussy breath (toid up)
that bum breath (toid up) that cum breath (toid up)
that spit breath (toid up) that shit breath (toid up)
being self aware aint the same as tryna do something


Taste.The Grapes of Wrath
Bake the pie I'm taking half
laying down them bacon slabs
getting hungry I'd hate to ask
but I'm starving famished
we about to do some damage
that cutting board is my canvas
monalisa all in my sandwich
I can't stand Swiss but I do the munster mashed potato fuel the hunger
had to lay low I choose the dumpster where I found that queso
and chewed the umka
two thumbs way up that's zagat rated
that pallet done graduated
them shallots to add the flavor
we snatching a batch for later
doing well with the funding
we don't need jobs no more
we need dumplings
soup or regular
two scoops of vanilla
hell of an idea
the gelatins quite clear
don't settle for diarrhea
you're better than that
peanuts and elephant snacks
veganless Pelican flaps
no need to tell them it's that
just let him relapse
we're getting em fat
eating wold brains ahead of the pack
Track Name: Wet Blankets
even alive, even alive
hey motha fuckas are you even alive?
even alive - yo
wet blankets, we're ringing you dry
ringing you dry - so
fuck all you and the stink in your eye
i empathize (scratches)
i empathize (scratches)
i empathize (scratches)

high brow, low, staring at the floorboards
beer can, solo,cupped hands looking at the time on a cell phone
dolo, o mo friends kicking it, i mean admitting it's late for another set
don't know them, can you get me in?
old enough to go smoke
know no limits kept the strength of my backbone
prone to pro bono flows for a friend of a foe
who let you in, i dunno bro there was a hole in the show
this place's dope, don't really wanna put my hands up though
lets go home

piss break, with a bass only soundtrack
glance at a known tag
snicker at a sticker on the toilet seat, hold my drink
i dunno that i'mma come back
door knob gross, don't touch don't grab
i don't rap but they fl0w so bad.
shit's easy, i'd be better than that
this floor's wet and i'm already mad
bought a six buck Pabst and half of my tab
for my drunk ass friends, this better end fast, cause
i swear on hair toilet gave me crabs [rap serious]
get me back stage i can't dance
imma buy my way in a with a camera flash
photobomb and that's quick fame fast {arrow down - go down with it here}
favorite shirt on, freshly sewn
wait, i'm bored - let's go home
Track Name: Proud Em (feat. Lt Headtrip & Gruff Lion)

i already stripped down naked in the road
toe to toe, holdin a pole to smash the window of my home
jonsin for a poem, only every one i wrote
i destroyed with my toys cause it's nice to feel a float
back up! today's the day i burn in hell with everyone
i'm bringing packs of venom gum to kill off god and satans son
this vacant room is everything i need to get by with
'sides some more pride so i can strip the ship sideways
bye bitch! it was real bad knowing you
don't need a fuckin ocean view to see the needs are throwing you
off topic, rock bottom, washed up with an awesome few
thousand internet friends but then, two talk to you
it's time i shave my face
kill a couple people .... leave no being to be a waste
i gotta a lots bullshit lying in my life
hoarder of many things but not all bring more answers though
whether you are or are not tangible
you walk the plank and thank me if you're still hanging on
achieve internal oneness, toss ever piece of dumbshit,
see! my ticket out this bitch is only good for one!


i don’t believe in motivation short of mangers up in flames--mothers or their babes. i know i’m supposed to feel dismay but that’s a cadence i misplaced when i noticed there was nothing to be saved. grave diction. a master or slave conviction's too serious a sentence for my sentiment to sway so i stave off longing at all costs. a callous is a weapon or a blemish and i’d rather be enraged.

yo, you hear they sellin' skeletons? sign up 'fore your time up. buy them for your relatives. find a plan that works for you. investigate your options. they'll need someone to shit on while you fester in your coffin. you promised that you'd always be down. when you felt yourself elevate you'd already drowned. i'll gladly smack your paddle boat back in the wake you aroused and fire a flaming arrow into your mouth

play dead, bitch. celebrate civil obedience! revenge is a dish best served on social media. lead a life without allegiances 'cause hiding is the easiest when there's no one to keep secrets from, whether you are or are not tangible. whether your scars are hardened or not manageable. die, bitch. ya bark's big but ya bite's itty bitty and you lyin' if you think you ain't an animal.


Lo, i'm lost here
Try to see myself behind a stained pane
Still i might growl just to prove i'm dangerous
But i'm an animal thats long been tamed
I cant lie
See we're off that
There's no other way for us to be we have it made
But we dont know how to make it ourselves
Until its put in our face
And told its safe to play
Track Name: Electronic Thing
some kind of task for me to tune out with a drone
eyes closed, no knows, knews or foes
only mind rolled down a hill, happy and such
much obliged to regurgitate some fun
i like you very much, have a donut
i've only been an air conditioners low drone
or an open window's naivety, it's heavy to see the slow show
i'd like to live to know i won't gut my bowels out
towels out now i'f like a pristine cleanup
"jesus, i know its therapeutic but it's scary"
ok, i'll sidestep the issue so the people stop staring
i'm timid as a livid man, swapping bodies, with a bishop
holding his breath, praying, to stop the hiccups
no you don't need more, but i wanna , thought about it for a while
now, i'm drifting off
over thinking bout over thinking, check please said my sanity
i can only hope i'll touch base with the person that i plan to be
wow, stop being sad mo fucka
let me digress naturally, it's not bad snow trucker
you're not yet a man, now what's a man, fo fummer?
easy off the crazy pills, who's mad, no, but - uhhhh
Track Name: Candy Cigarettes (feat. Spaceman)

troopers lose it, bodies movin
the superhuman dudes pursue it
you niggas lame, left back in the food chain
a bad aim will fuck you up, better get a new name
are you insane? the God hold the mic like a loose cannon
the voodoo work its magic any pot he stick his hand in
imagine no hell or heaven niggas in purgatory
you heard the story now you heard the words of glory
you bore me, my story sticks, you don't exist
i hope you've identified that you ain't fuckin wit this
I get it poppin everywhere I go, the real niggas know
you come to my show its so much dope that you overdose
don't play me close, I'll flip on a nigga in a predicament
I'm sick of weak niggas talkin all of that shit
so follow the rules and model yourself after myself
the kamikaze that reside in me allowed me to see

over there (over there) over there (over there)
mother fuckers posted up in the rear
but over here (over here) over (here)
we front and center talking shit in your ear
over there (over there) over there (over there)
pop bottles, blow an L in the air
but over here (over here) over (here)
but we the truth, we just makin it clear

non filtered, candy cigarettes
a sugar high to die by while i lie in my regrets
use my best to chest puff my way into the lime light
half a blunt and an alibi, i'm trying to impress
better rest up, bless up, get some marine
type to come out the locker half man half machine
steam burn, learn the stone cold method
the totem pole falls when the base gets disrespected
imma let it all roll off my hands into a pile
while you fuckers suffocate in your own sweat and bile
childish, i thought i was the frail one
your girl don't approve of how you use your hands and tounge
damn young and leeched the ego out you people
breathing feels deceitful, like your oxygen's evil
duncecap in the corner with a cracked can o petrol
watching flies drop knowin life's not special
Track Name: Fishscales (feat. Gruff Lion)

I got balls of steel
And a flashy ass car with some balding wheels I drive.
Faster than asteroids and wear cashmere so the girls think I'm soft even tho
ugh I'm hard feel me.
Chest ripplin sweat cologne glimmer in sex with chrome fenders and rim jobs on tip tops of penthouses wrist watch bigger than grand
fathers wall clock like watch wrist as I whip posture disc jock ya post script pissed proper off an IV drip rich ynon responsive and the dispatcher despo
ndent cause she heard me as I vomited, assured me a lost cause and
call the squadron in
To scoop the corpse up
Afew divorces and and some kids I still
support but I do it all because I'm butt hurt lonely and unsure of how I can evolve into old age.

day gimmick, the lane ain't switching
holy i'mma ghost till the saints see visions
great defense is that asshole swinging
at the truth underneath every scale of the fishes


I don't really wanna write to this, oh no its meta now
Train of thought late, got fired for this sentence, how
wakin up and being true, wit ,a thousand other things to do, is
Somehow supposed to be right for a sabertooth
Overwhelmed, too many stuffs, have fun, my powers suck
Mining a golden ego,{i}Struck oil in an aquaduct
hydrate within the mud, Gunk crust diamond piece
Gotta chance to clean it up but it'll cost more in mining fees.
brain training, machine gun hazing
Heavy on the bullets 50 caliber of maybes
They suggest what I'm doing wrong But I'm only holding back
an inner beast of pride and care who bloodlusts a death of honor
as i'm ever self aware of
Every instance to a hyper critical breaking point/ that
imploding every second and-if-you aching joints/ think i'm an
asshole or cocky at any moment, just
bite your fucking tongue and let me own it, ok?
Track Name: Sniffff!
enjoying the sun
I'm just an animal enjoin the sun
you think its all been done
whiff a pet, no regret, ima get you some

i'm not cold blooded,warmth is a commodity
i'll sit for hours, empowered, no matter how hot it be
toast fur tapas, sniff sniff and take it in
baking in the flavor, savor it or hate me then
it's a different kind of candle
just got bent from pet petting the animals
don't knock it till you try it
dyin breed, hiding sweets now find your favorite dander
baby Bambi is a rare one, not the same when the brain is chasing hair plugs
so i say, i found something and it's mine
now my nostrils got full dibs on their hides

enjoying the sun
I'm just an animal enjoin the sun
you think its all been done
whiff a pet, no regret, ima get you some

i mean seriously, I'm sorry, what the fuck ever
i sniff pets its just a thing i do, its no incest
its shit yes, the best, a toot a truth a line of love
a shove into white doves, nice nugs of fine bud or surprise love
who know food affected the fur
by yes, id guess or surely concur
ima pro convict criminal of cats
dominatrix of dogs, dander man, love any animals paws
lock me up like ASPCA promos
PETA lover 'oh no's, sure sure you so'n so's
this guys still sniffing fidos ears
hot coat cover cold heart for timeless years

enjoin the sun, I'm just an animal enjoin the sun
you think its all been done
different step, must regret, i'ma hate you some
Track Name: I Love You, Don't Die
I should always be on board
Im lopsided
wide eyes than hide em, make myself ignored
I question why I think things
stink brings the sewer snake
i'd take em out but bleach don't work as good as you would think
and now im accustomed
to the what if what if statements
to the fact the fear's the only think i embrace and i relate with
fiction, is scarier than reality actually
Every single logic I got Concludes irrationally
battles are calming tide, now a days dont wanna hide
i figured gorganites grow up groping problems in the eyes
Stoned, feeling man handled
Frozen to the bone watching time go as sand spills

maybe maybe it's a gift to be crazy
I learned to love myself and every doubt that is waiting
Im troubled so far in this shit life
i love you don't die

tortured sometimes,
quote on quote badly
had me at hello with a stammer and then a bad dream
damn thing always seems realer than my eyeball
tryna drown 'why gods' every dusk till night fall
i know its dumb Dunce, run, come on clown
Always get sunk, kerplunk and never found
grounded but always spacey, surrounded in what's blatantly
something i try to bury but i'd rather it just face me
so dig a hole soldier, throw it in with a wishbone
break in your favor or regift it when you get home
I Feel alone when fraying in the grey spots
thinking hard in a loop, doomed until my days stop
it's a shame I'm shameful, love me like i love you
can't believe you can be patient with such a fuckin dumb dude
hey mike, you can delete your files
or hold my hand … we could maybe stay a while , cause

maybe maybe it's a gift to be so crazy
I always doubted myself cant fold to how it plays me
everyone's troubled so far in this this shit life
i love you don't die
Track Name: Sea Shanty


i was sailing along till the boom damned boomed me
a Dove how i'd love to be a book and a movie
too complex to tie a gosh darn clove hitch
knots when the knots past, make sure it holds ship
cold gets lone, home, talisman of love
is the anchor that i need and from the people that i run with
fun gets air dry, hobby turns to ''oh shit''
pretty sure i'm not alone stranded in the ocean
what, what what is that?
i gotta flair gun, air horn, some nice slacks
and it's probably the loch ness thats on my mind
my boat, probably should go take a nap or smoke


this is what we do this is how we act
gotta make air last from this capsized gap
sneakout the hatch , and swim real fast
while this asshole snack on dads cat boat mast
(sfx) kerplunk, ker smash
grab gear to fuck shit, gun flares attack
never hadda kill a beast defeat for my life
first time , not tryna get eat and die
(creature roar)
oh! it sees inside
well theres not much time now for piece of mind
hey fucker - you can choke on this new food
here goes nothing, you ain't Cthulu

how the hell am i gon make it
losing light and speed and strength
i never thought id be battle worn
never thought that i would die
well, here it goes, nothing, one last stretch
and here it goes, nothing, cheating death
i'm seeing the, glimmer but my lungs
won't let me rise up to the task
Track Name: Duncin' (feat. Big Breakfast)

it's the hulk hogan of roasting, rap joe rogan soho to hoboken/
dro smokin, young mean gene oakerland, flex 3 hoes like a bro at the local gym/
get ur home debt'd and broken in, i'm at the home depot off of coke and gin/
get ur dunce cap kufi smacked, boobie trapped, no hubcap, hoopty rap/
goofy cat in the snap back snoopy hat, shoot the gat and laugh while i'm looking back/
i'm too backpack to do hooks on tracks, what u looking at?


oh gee, oh golly wally shawn in the lobby
hobby has you be quite darn selfish to be jolly
caddyshack antics, with a real quick improv
job so dope made me glad i quit dish wash
did you hear dunce is dead?
william told telled me the apple had a reason
talk while i eat it like ''why you defeated''
with an arrow in my mouth showin trolls need feedin
your fuckin face you should see it
heating up maybe, what?, i'm in season
diva need a pawn but the pawn mocks you
all fun and games lost play the fool awesome